Payroll Module...


* Supports all federal/state/local taxes
* Allows up to five different pay rates and eight additional deductions per employee
* Prints checks, W-2 forms, 941 and unemployment reports
* Pay by hours, salary, commission
* Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and annually pay periods
* Changeable rates and expense account distributions
* Uses same readily available checks as Accounts Payable
* Multi-state/locality deduction calculations and distributions on same paycheck
* Accepts manually written paychecks
* Hourly and salary payrolls can be processed at the same time


* Employee Earnings
* Payroll History
* Deductions Report
* Deductions Taken
* Tax Liability
* Deduction Liability
* Accrual Liability
* G/L Posting Summary
* Departmental Personal
* Benefit Accruals
* Birthday List
* Anniversary List
* Physicals Due
* Personnel Reviews
* Terminations List
* EEOC Report